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On Seeing God

Genesis 32 verse 30 It is often said, casually that “no one has ever seen God”. Genesis Chapter 32 verse 30 contradicts that statement. Jacob, (Israel) clearly bears testimony to that “I have seen God face to face”. Putting aside, for the moment issues pertaining to...

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On Death

In my Father's house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? John 14 v2 (NIV) The fear, quandary and surmise that this subject attracts is profound and extensive. “Life after death”? Years have been...

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The Spiritual Brain

The Spiritual Brain (Preamble, bu Alex Anderson, to the ARF Kgotla Meeting's presentation on Neuro-theology. This presentation as recorded and will soon be uploaded as a podcast on this site.)   "Wisdom is the principal thing: therefore, get wisdom: and with all...

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A Brief Talk on Neurotheology

This TedX talk by world renowned Neurotheologian, Dr Andrew Newberg, is being posted as 'grist for the mill' of discussion around the subject of God and the Brain. The intention is to stimulate debate, and give exposure the the type of thinking that is...

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Is God just a function of our brains?

The subject of how we experience God through our brain functioning is a new hot potatoe in the world of thinking through faith issues. Here are some initial thoughts that we'd like your thoughts and opinions on. To follow up with these we will be hearing from a...

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The Church in China

Preamble to Dr Manfred's Kohl's talk: by Alex Anderson Lessons Learnt from the past To be pickled is to be preserved in a strong liquid solution devised to instil or create a particular flavour and quality. A brine is often used for this purpose. After 1948 South...

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My peace I give to you???

No doubt the subject of church unity will be with us until the Second Coming! However, as Martin Luther once remarked, "Just because the birds fly over your head, doesn't mean you must let them make a nest in your hair." In order to spark some debate, and hopefully...

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Prayer and Spiritual Friendship

We live in an age of the cult of Self-Help books. There is little evidence to suggest that the followers of Jesus are immune to this, evidenced by their own penchant for producing the same under the banner of Christian. Yet amidst much that is at best junk, at worst...

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