God the Creator


  1. Fellowship discussion with explanation to meeting regarding implementation as to the electronic connectivity/participation arrangement. 9:15 AM (SC) (MK)
  2. Welcome and introduction: 9:30 AM (AJA)
  3. Opening Prayer (DS)
  4. Scripture reading: At the nomination of PC plus request of the speaker being: Amos ch 5 v24.
  5. Devotional Topic (PC)
  6. Welcome and introduction of the speaker (AJA)
  7. God The Creator” Bishop Geoff Davies. Southern African Faith Communities Environment.
  8. Questions/participation debate: All as far as is technically possible (PC/SC)
  9. Thank you to the speaker and participants (MK)
  10. Fellowship discussion. Dealing with topics of current interest. (SC)
  11. Information update on the website (SC/MK)
  12. ARF programme meetings:
    • 28th of August: Topic; Civil Disobedience.
    • 13th of November: Topic; The Role of Gender in the Christianity of the 21st century. (PC)
  13. Educational outreach (AJA)
  14. Discussion regarding future ARF programme and possible post Covid “back to normal” arrangements? This. (PC/all)
  15. Prospect of the establishment of ARF board. (AJA)
  16. Time for prayer and epilogue (DS)