The ARF Kgotla is coming up on Saturday 4th November. As per our previous post, we will be considering the subject of God and the Brain through the lens of neuro-science, neuro-psychology, and neuro-theology.

Here are some further questions to stimulate thought and discussion.


#How have religious and spiritual beliefs become part of the function of the human brain?

#Is the reason for a concept of “a spiritual brain” based upon evolution, neuroscience, or religion?

#What is the relationship between religion and’s physical health?

#Does being a religious or spiritual person make you healthier?

#How does the brain make beliefs about religion, politics, morals and every aspect of the world?

#What are the flaws the brain has in making beliefs and can we become better believers?

#Do specific brain processes influence our perception of God?

#What limitations does the brain place on our ability to conceive of and relate to God?

#Is it measurably possible to identify neurological characteristics of a person undergoing “a spiritual experience”.


Happy thinking.