This article is written in response to Bill Robson : Christianity and the Church

In Christianity and the Church William Selway Robson examines the validity of the concept that Christianity depends on attending Church.
The Author traces his personal experiences of Christianity throughout his life, with quotations from what Jesus Christ said about desirable behaviour.Excerpt: “So why did the Church decide to do this, to insist on weekly attendance? The answer is very simple. People who ‘go to church’ every week put money into the collection plate every week! And this now invites a discussion of the ‘offertory.'”

The essential meaning of the original word Church (Brewers 14th edition) refers to those “belonging to the Lord” its establishment was thus made possible by a collective not a bunch of loners. The Apostles and those that immediately followed were thus fundamentally necessary for the making of the Church.

If you deny wanting to be identified with part of the Lord’s possession (His People – The Church) You must declare yourself to be Nomad. No fellow travelers, sufferers, believers, or co-workers, who often have the joy in so doing. You consequently also have no fellowship, accountability, forgiveness, or means of worship in sharing the experience of God.

Your way of life becomes that likened to a desert wanderer?. Hot, cold, thirsty, and without direction. Self-centredness, loneliness, and experiences of delusion often correspondingly occur.

God help you in your “club” of single membership! You have nevertheless our sincere prayers for your return to the Church with or without shoes.



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