We all look forward to Vuyani Sindo’s presentation of the subject of a “new psychology” for South African Christian leaders. His presentation invites great curiosity in that:

A Prototype: Comprises an original model from which improved types can be made or that has analogies at a later period. Hopefully he will enlighten us as to which “period”/ “old approach” on leadership he is referring to? Would it be leadership exercised by Christ around the shores of Galilee or around the Mediterranean or by St Paul and His subsequent Europe based successors?

An Entrepreneur: Usually defined as an owner manager or business enterprise, who by risk and initiative attempts to make profits. We look forward to learning how such “profits” can be made in meeting the needs of South African Christian leaders in the present-day and future context?

Vuyani Sindo holds a PhD in Theology and is a senior lecturer at the GWC College here in Cape Town. He is a long-standing popular member/participant of the ARF. He always has a interesting and thoughtful approach to his presentations. We can thus look forward to hearing his point of view and the opportunity of posing the usual questions?.


The need for South African leaders to be group prototypes for AFR