Thoughts on Covid 19, Christianity, Technology and the local\global implications of same
  • History shows that in times of war, cataclysm and great suffering people find more occasion and need to consider the future and even God. This was made apparent for instance in the Second World War, where church attendance was seen to be stronger.
  • With the advent of the Black Death in the 14th century it was reported that Feudalism suffered a near death blow. Aristocratic privilege also declined with the development of new payment systems for rendering goods and services. Commercial theatre was established.

In the present era Pastors and other religious leaders, with the advent of Covid 19, are restricted from having the attendance of their usual congregations. Embargoes and other statutory limitations also prevent opportunity to readily reach out to suffering folk in their hospitals, homes, and care facilities. Death is now more real. Every kind of human need has become more apparent. The opportunity for spiritual counselling, comforting, and strengthening is severely limited. Emphasis having to be placed on the urgent fact that awareness of those now so burdened are often in dire need of the promised love and concern of a God who cares?

  • Today some the churches with resourceful and often effective alternative ministry have devised electronic visual and sound broadcast systems including, live streaming, social media, and TV broadcasts et cetera. These have indeed made their mark in seeking to assist and support the needs of Christian people..
  • Is there thus today Covid 19 benefit from our experience in the 21st-century.?, This being occasioned by sophisticated electronic communication facilities so reducing the need for commuter land based  transport, air travel, office work attendance, conventional group based meetings?. There is of course the possible issue of corresponding decline in the need for previously traditional Church services, meetings, and Study Groups.?. The impact upon sporting events, educational lectures, the performing arts, concerts, and entertainment are also under serious review?
  • The question and challenge for us as Christians is to identify and develop lessons that were learnt during the dark days of Covid 19. We need to emulate the achievements of our forebears in the 14th