Bishop Geoff Davies, popularly known as the “Green Bishop”, addressed us on the above topic. Geoff has become renowned for his Christian enthusiasm and commitment to fighting for the environmental sustainability of our Planet.

His ” God the creator” presentation will include:

  •  God’s covenant and our the side of the responsibility.
  • The purpose of the Incarnation?
  • The injunction of the Lord’s prayer ” Thy will be done on earth”
  • God’s will and commandments.
  • Why do we fail?
  • Sustainable development and the role of economics.
  • The present state of the God-created planet?
  • Our present responsibility as Christians and people of Faith?
    There will be the usual opportunity for questions and feisty debate.

Disclaimer: The views represented in this talk are those of the speaker and do not necessarily represent the views of ARF or its members.