“If you please God, it doesn’t matter whom you displease. And if you displease God it does not matter whom you please.” – Manfred Kohl.

Significant events in the history of the Christian faith and the growth of human understanding have often been occasioned by the asking of Questions?. The work of, such as , inter alia, Martin Luther, Galileo, and William Wilberforce being good instances of same.

The Question that needs to be asked , in the light of the above challenging reflection is “How are we to readily and reliably know how or when we have occasioned God’s s displeasure?”

In old Testament times the Israelites had the remarkable and vivid interventions of the Prophets. Coaching, warning and even foretelling God’s people the consequences of their waywardness. The suggested thinking of Christians’s today, to quote Manfred Kohl as saying “– since Jesus Christ came we do not need the prophets any more. We have Scripture”. We undoubtedly and wholeheartedly welcome the promised and necessary advent of Jesus Christ, more than two thousand years ago. Sceptics, and I am not one of them, do however (understandably?) See that since the coming of our Lord, an almost number less abundance of pretending “prophets” have come to clutter, complicate, and overly elaborate on the “Truth” of the gospel. Those of a secular mind ably and readily use such opinions and interpretations as a means of ignoring or disregarding the essential stated Truth and spiritual meaning of our  Lord’s teaching. The potential for the growth of the Gospel and prayerfully sought, corresponding support for Christianity becomes sadly endangered. He is nevertheless God Incarnate. Paul indicates that “we know in part and prophesy in part” one Cor 13 v 9.

I have, in wrestling with this question of Prophecy,, likened the role of the Prophets of the Old Testament to the modern-day equivalent of those developing a sports team (rugby, football et cetera). I speak of the  Coaches! They avidly prepare the team for their encounters. During such engagement, team participants are carefully monitored. Whistles are blown, cards are issued (red, yellow et cetera) giving indication of “displeasure “with corresponding penalty and even exclusion from further participation.

In our often-complex life, in the world of today’s “game like” experience  has the Christian Church not good cause to re-examine as to how it may serve as a better Coach and the provision of credibly informed whistle blowers? Such rejuvenation and reorganisation of its Christ driven Force would do much to galvanise and instigate potential support for the much-needed Salvation of humankind?

Practically speaking I have yet, coincidentally to hear of any cogent or convincing Providentially sourced answer regarding, as to, what occasioned the current Covid 19 pandemic? Or sometime back the 9/11 disaster.? The prophets of old were able to enlighten and explain and even warn of the disasters of their time? Regrettably in the long-term, waywardness of the Israelites persisted. They were however made abundantly conscious of the power and concern of God’s purpose.

The Church therefore needs to seriously re-embolden its important Christ driven function in that regard.

Such an injunction will surely Please God!


. AJA .22-3-2021