We have our next ‘iThemba Stories of Hope‘ ready to share with you. We now have all three classes back at school (half at a time) and we have been so pleased with the way that they have been adapting to the new program and systems that have been put in place.

The team has worked hard to get things ready, everyone has been trained and we have such a safe learning environment at iThemba. The team is doing well to carry all the necessary procedures and new duties that need to be carried out.

Here are some highlights that you might see in the video …

  • Each child has their own stationery box with their own playdough and stationery etc
  • Each child has their own chair bag where they store their water bottles and stationery boxes
  • We have made a playground plan so that each child is physically distanced during outdoor play. We have different stations at the back and front and we work on a rotation program. Some of the stations include our brand new trampolines (the team fundraised for these), we have set up obstacle courses where they just need to use their feet, another station is a footapault station (someone has kindly sewn a bean bag for each child), and there are other stations too.
  • Teacher Edith is loving the new kitchen. Jeremy and his team have been amazing at helping put this together and helping with other things too like our knee sink and new washing stations for the children

We really have so much to be grateful to God for. Although there are many challenges that many are still facing, it is a real gift to come into such a peaceful school and we know where our Hope is.

Enjoy the video and please feel free to share.

Warm regards,

The iThemba Team