Genesis 32 verse 30

It is often said, casually that “no one has ever seen God”. Genesis Chapter 32 verse 30 contradicts that statement. Jacob, (Israel) clearly bears testimony to that “I have seen God face to face”. Putting aside, for the moment issues pertaining to the inerrancy of Scripture, this account is an example of the many faceted wonders of how the language of Bible speaks in puzzling and often fascinating ways. It has remarkable capacity to engage and inspire, in the power of the Holy Spirit, so as to enlighten us on “the way”.


Wonder, if you will at the thought of “wrestling with God”. In my early years one endured many sport driven wrestling bouts. Wonderful experience.  It’s tough, energetic and demanding.  You certainly undertake more than merely seeing your opponent. Often there is blood, sweat, pain and all!

Jacob’s grappling encounter had obvious and serious lasting effects upon him both physically and spiritually. Such was God’s Grace in the making of Jacob. Pray that we also by that same means can be made, or even changed “naturally to what he wants us to be”. Godless, weak or sinful? That is the material that forms the basis of God driven metamorphosis. He changes us. So be it.