We live in an age of the cult of Self-Help books. There is little evidence to suggest that the followers of Jesus are immune to this, evidenced by their own penchant for producing the same under the banner of Christian.

Yet amidst much that is at best junk, at worst dangerously erroneous (and no, I won’t be substantiating that in this blog because I think a leisurely browse through your local bookshop will probably convince you of this) there still shines the clear lights of wisdom for the path.

More specifically, on the subject of prayer, James Houston is one of these luminaries. His book “The Transforming Friendship” speaks specifically to this subject of prayer in the Christian life.

Before venturing out and buying the book however, take a read of the article below. In two short pages it will give you an insight into his work. Then, invest in the book and integrate Houston’s wisdom into your own practice of prayer.

Download the PDF of “Prayer and Spiritual Friendship

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