Transformation would best be epitomised by the concept of Ubuntu. Meaning a belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all. The Xhosa translation being “Umntu ngumntu ngabantu”.
The advent of democracy in South Africa was achieved as a result of significant support from Christian members of such organisations as the UDF, Five Freedoms Forum and the Christian Communication Trust. Et cetera. Ubuntu was then a word that helped to characterise our hopes for the new South Africa.
Unfortunately for many Christians now, events that have since followed in the Republic of South Africa, under the ANC government , has produced a profound lack of a sense of meaningful Ubuntu.

 Our speaker at the next electronic ARF get-together is Mahlatase Mashua team member of the of RZIM ministries organisation’s global speaking team. He has studied Theology at Wyclife Hall, Oxford University and apologetics at the Oxford Centre for Christian apologetics.. He is currently working towards his MA in international affairs at King’s College London . He is married to Lusanda and lives in Cape Town with three beautiful  daughters.
Mahlatse  is a highly regarded speaker. He is therefore well-equipped to assist us with how Transformation in Jesus Christ can overcome this present atmosphere of alienation and  lack of social cohesion in our beloved country.

Follow this link for a video of our conversation.